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Diego was born on 11 June 1985 in Mexico, where he grew up. He immigrated to Canada where he now lives with his wife and 2 kids. Besides YouTube he is a structural steel framer and enjoys; cooking Mexican food, Eco methods and products, vertical cities, Latin music, nature, urban planning, and geography.

Diego Saul Reyna is a Spanish Content Creator. His channel covers topics such as; Life in Canada, Educational videos on different topics, How to legally immigrate to Canada and avoid immigration scams, politics, and pop culture.


My Story


I was born in Mexico City on June 11 1985, while my mother was there visiting relatives. After my birth we returned home to the southern Mexican state of Chiapas, where I grew up.


First we lived in a very small village, around 100 families. It is not even on google maps! Moving to a small village in the jungle from the big city was hard for my mother. We moved around a lot over the years. The towns I remember most are; Cintalapa in the hot, jungle grass lands, Boca del Cielo around the mangrove by the coast, Berriozabal which had mountainous jungle, Comitan the cooler rain forest-jungle. All of them in the state of Chiapas. We eventually settled in the capitol city Tuxtla.

My parent's family mostly lives in, the state of Michoacan where my dad Is from or Mexico City where my mother is from. We did not have any blood relatives in Chiapas to grow up with. However my parents made very close friends with some families who we call our adopted family. Up to today I call them “uncles/ aunts” and I refer to their kids as “cousins” since we grew up as such.


I first migrated to Vancouver Canada at the age of 16,  just a month before turning 17. My reasons for wanting to migrate were the typical reasons for most new comers to Canada. If you really want to get a picture of why I came, you can just talk to any immigrant from a developing economy. I was placed in a foster home since my parents did not come and I was underage. This made the work of learning the language and integrating a bit easier.


Once language was no longer a barrier, all my efforts focused on climbing up the labour market ladder. I found that path in the trades. I went from labourer, to working my way up to structural steel framing as a self employed sole proprietor. I love it. It is the perfect job for me, and Vancouver is the perfect city for it. I just love that city. I know the constant rain is an issue, but to me the smell, feel and temperature of that temperate rain forest was my Goldie lock zone. I was as happy and satisfied in life as I can be.


I got married in 2013, and the years have gone by quickly in my ideal life. Then one day a celebrity-billionaire announced his bid to become the president of a country. A country that I had never visited at that time. However that country has the most financial and cultural influence on both my country of birth Mexico and my country of residence Canada.

One of the opening statements to his campaign was “some of them I assume are good people”. 99% of people I know of Mexican heritage working in the USA are excellent people. People who started from zero, lived peacefully and worked hard at their jobs. I felt it was unfair they were judged by a person who inherited his wealth and kept it by loans from his father. 

I do not oppose democracy or the fundamental right of this gentleman to run for president. Or the right of a nation to secure its borders and remove undocumented foreign nationals. Those same rights allowed me to voice my opinion. And so i did, by walking into the construction site of trump tower uncontested and raising a Mexican flag on top of Trump tower Vancouver. A tower which was built in part by those same "people".

diego flag good.jpg

                                      For those who don’t speak Spanish, on my channel I basically tell people the following; 

- Although cold Canada is great.
- Canadians are awesome.
- Most Canadians would welcome you with open arms if you come legally and learn the language. 
- Do not make a refugee claim, unless you are actually eligible for refugee status.
- If someone asks you to send money for a work offer, it is a fraud.
- I show how to come legally.
- I show what my daily life in Canada is like. Including my job and family.
- And some varying educational topics.

I never thought I’d be active on social media, but here I am. And I became the largest Spanish YouTube channel in Canada. 

So what is my goal in all this? Hispanics in Canada are just over 1% of the population. Canada is planning to accept 1 million immigrants in the next 3 years, almost all from other continents. So I am trying to help create room for more of my fellow Latinos, who are already Native American by race. So they can also come to this great country on the american continent  that has welcomed me. I genuinely believe that legal immigration from Latin america is a valuable asset to any country, and Canada has not yet utilized this resource.


This small defence of my countrymen I expected to reach just a few. It went viral world wide instead.


The following days I received countless requests for interviews for the News, on Radio and online. That led to followers on the only social media I had back then, Facebook. After most of the media frenzy died down. I had time to read the thousands of messages people were sending me, both in English and Spanish. I realized several things. On the English side, a lot of Canadians and Americans agreed with me. On the Spanish side there was 3 things: 1. There was a need for information available in Spanish about the basic aspects of Canada, it's immigration system and it's culture. Of course it is not Canada’s responsibility to provide information in a non official language, but many people are left in the dark. They do not know who Canadians are, what they stand for, and they don’t know how to come legally. Many while trying to apply legally are deceived through scams. Given fake job offers that they have to pay enormous fees for and give their passport. This devastates victims and impoverishes their families. It also leads to an abuse of the immigration system through unsupported asylum claims that people posing as immigration consultants claim will be accepted. This costs Canadian tax payers millions and lead to the previous visa requirement for Mexican tourists. All this corruption and loss could be significantly reduced if some one just explained in Spanish, how to legally apply and other useful information such as how to avoid fraud. So I decided to make some room in my  life to tackle these issues.

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